Various artefacts are sold in the Museum shop:

Blank excavations notebook 10.-
Roman figurine shaped eraser 3.-
« Roman emperors»  Ruler
Roman coin key ring 5.-

« Vindonissa » oil lamp


Roman catapult

Roman soldier figurine
Julius Cesar coin 5.-
« Gladiators » key ring
Text magnet
Potsherd magnet 5.-
Writing tablet and stylus 23.-
Stamp Pro Patria 0.85


You will also find plenty of postcards and posters here.

WARNING! New telephone number

WARNING! New telephone number more

The Museum's phone number has changed, please be sure tu use the new number, thank you!

+41 22 316 42 80

Roman days in Nyon

Roman days in Nyon more

Every two years, The Roman day of Nyon shares archaeological research with the public, in a lively and accessible way.

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Archaeological site

Archaeological site more

Discover Nyon's archaeological site and its finds!

Support the Roman Museum!

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